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police-159894_1280QuickiGame Rules

  • Always execute challenges with the utmost truth and honesty.
  • Always respect yourself, your partner, and anyone else in the vicinity. QuickiGame is only meant to be discrete, never distasteful or lude.
  • QuickiGame is only to be played with other consensual partners, and never to be played with anyone younger than 18.
  • QuickiGame is completely against all forms of abuse and none of it will be tolerated. If anyone is found breaking the law or conducting any form of abuse they will be turned over to authorities.
  • QuickiGame does not tolerate trolls or verbal abuse
  • QuickiGame does not tolerate virtual or any other form of stalking another individual
  • QuickiGame does not tolerate any form of force upon any other individual
  • QuickiGame does not tolerate poor sportsmanship
  • QuickiGame does not allow rude speech of any kind
  • QuickiGame does not allow any connection or abuse with this game toward children or animals in any way.
  • QuickiGame does not allow free advertisements or product pushes through its chat services.
  • QuickiGame does not allow any cheating of any kind.

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