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Under The Town Christmas Tree

Merry Christmas to all and to all a sexy night! Dress yourself up as the “Grinch” (paint and all) along with a famous “Whoo”. Whoever dresses up as the whoo…don’t forget the hair. During this challenge, there will be no silent night while you find your town’s main Christmas tree decked out in all it’s timings and lights. As you nestle yourselves under the tree for your gift exchange (wink wink), you must remember to time your presents perfectly. You only have split seconds while the Christmas lights are off to pleasure each other. While the lights are on, you must both freeze in whatever position you are currently in. Continue this maddening game of musical chairs until both partners have been satisfied with their gift of giving. Oh and we must add some holiday cheer! While the lights are on and you ar in frozen positions, you must humm to one another Christmas carols from the heart. 


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